Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lovely House

Hi Friends!

     I already mention here that were moved into a new house. I didn't have photo around inside the house since computer broke :-( picture also gone. So, here Some photo outside of our previous house that I had from my I-phone. 

     My in-law house and our house both place are sold. To be honest, were all miss two houses but, the good thing is were lived one house now which is really nice neighborhood and close to our previous house a 3 blocks away. also the person who bought the house is parents of our neighbor friends.

     I lived this house since march 24, 2008 until may 18 2013 I know is hard to say goodbye but husband did a right decision for everyone.

We used to have a big tree in the front of the house but, three years ago when storm so bad here the tree knock down from the heavy rain. this is looks after we planting a little tree.
when my first year staying in the house. I love gardening and planting  but when I start working a full time. I didn't have time to maintain them that's why I discover to plan more perennial  around the house. so that, they can come back every year.

In the Back Porch we used to have also a tree. Peach and Green Apple tree but every year we can't able to harvest them because rotten peach fruits and apple also broke from heavy rain. so plant a new  tree and more perennial flowers 

My Daughter surely miss her old bedroom. 
My flowers at the front house with a little girl as a model.

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