Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve Party

I am so glad that we went to the New Year's Eve Party. There's a bunch of fun and everyone had a good time to welcome 2013. Of course, Thanks to my husband of his effort to drove in 49 miles and celebrating with Filipino's. it was feel liked back home. and, I can't thankful enough to the person who'd invite us  because, we're both enjoyed. She very generous to everyone especially to the kids. 

My camera battery was dead and I taken few photo using only with my iphone. It would be good if from my camera but wasn't luck. back to the party  It was great many food, met friends and we count down as we follow the filipino traditional so very memorable to enter 2013 with a Smile. 

I get up this morning with headache because we'd sleep 3 oclock in the morning and up about 9;30 in the morning... that a new year we enter... hope you'll enjoyed too...

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