Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I-phone 5

                     Here's what we got in Christmas is I-phone5. I told my husband About what I thinking is to get smartphone. so that, these gadget every thing has in it and also, its time to have replacement to the old one especially his cellphone.
                    3rd weeks of December we'd made purchased this Iphone 5 with two years contract for 2 black Apple I-phone 5.  I do enjoying it since I got it in my hand cause I thought is really cool to have a smart-phone and experience with this high technology. 
All-new design. The thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone ever. 

1. Thin, sleek, and very capable. 
2. 4-inch  Retina Display 
3. ultra-fast  wireless 
4. A6 chip
5. All- new air-pod
6. iSight Camera
7. all-new lightning connector
8. Maps
9. Siri
10.  iOs 6
11.  iCloud.
12. built-in Apps- from the apps store
13.  Airplay- Airprint.
This is my first Iphone5 and First Iphone case.  the purpose we got the OtterBox because this is one of best buy store recommended.  the first also problems I noticed was the rainbow film it leaves across the screen of my phone. Hope it last long because its gonna be long before buying a new one . We bought cases in the same day we got the Iphone 5 as to have a good protector. $49.99  pricey for one case.
Port Protection

  • Doors and tabs block dust, lint and dirt from accumulating and damaging ports and jacks.
  • Improved Slipcover

    Rubber outer layer is stronger to withstand heavy use and hold its shape over time.
  • Screen Protection

    Built-in protective membrane simplifies installation and prevents scratches on the touch screen.
  • Interior Shell

    Solid plastic structure completely surrounds the iPhone, protecting it from drops and damage.
  • Improved Holster

    Latest design gives holster a slimmer profile and stronger attachment to the clip.
  • New Belt Clip

    Features smooth ratcheting motion, streamlined locking function and hooked clip for a tight hold.
  • Camera Access

    Custom opening isolates camera and flash to preserve picture quality.
The color silver is my husband old phone ( and, he had that one since 2006). In last 2008, we got another one for him and one for me with two years contract but, his black wasn't last long so he switch back to the oldest one. My first phone in the united state is survive in four year with dropping and throwing. I wasn't care that much  because, no one i can't talked with especially, I was working in nursing home and they won't allowed us to have it. So, this year my 4 years old mobile phone is finally given up, My husband bought a new one at walmart has no contract Samsung and only $20 I give it to my mother-in-law since she like the old  version and she think isn't much complicated.
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