Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blog Award and 11 question tagged

Hi Dear Lovelies,
        I am so lucky this month Just who recently receive tagged and blog award from three  amazing bloggers. So, Thought it would be fun to pass it along w/you :-)  If anyone else want to do this tag and blog award.  Please, feel free
This blog award was from Beauty Balm.
~~~My top 5 trends~~~
I love all product that I pick this year. everything is cream, haven notice that? Cream because I had a super dry skin and so far so good: all this work pretty well to me.

* Yes to carrot's - cream cleanser- 
* Eucerin - face cream 
* Retinol- eye cream
* Eos - lip balm
 * Dolce gabbana- body cream

Girlie Blog Seattle - Seattle Beauty and Fashion Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle  was tagged me and I am so grateful girl to do answer this fun stuff.

1. Why did you start blogging? I was started blog last year, feb 2011 because it is a place where I could talk about everything. I have so much fun for new hobbies and adventure in life. I was inspired by all the amazing bloggers too.

2. What is your favorite beauty item?  My Favorite  beauty item is face Moisturizer and body cream. these thing is so much important because if w/out them. I feel my skin unhappy drying. 

3. What is the most expensive beauty or skincare item you ever purchased?   Eucerin  face cream and eyeshade that I bought to many and I didn't use much eyeshade. Just like collecting....

4. Where do you go for beauty advice?  blog, you-tube and google 

5. What is the best beauty advice you ever received? The beauty advice I ever receive about hairstyles.  I have a thick and natural hair. once a year, my mother-in-law who treat me a salon for trimming my hair to the Vietnamese lady and everyone ask if what do I use product to get thick hair, that was so silly from them. mostly they advice, not necessary to use product for straight hair and not to put any color of my black hair. 

6. When did you first start wearing makeup? I wearing on/off in make up. I started wearing after in college 

7. Who is your beauty icon and why? I have to many icon favorite  is sarah geronimo, amanda seyfried,  emmanuelle Sophia anne chriqui   and Jennifer love hewitt. They are both different of life styles and beauty. 

If you are asian filipina and fan of pop star princess Sarah geronimo.  She is keep being humble and down-to-earth person. 

Amanda seyfried

Emmanuelle Chriqui 
Jennifer love hewitt 
8. If you had to choose between facebook and blogging, which would it be? And why? This is really hard to choose but I choose blogging  because  I having fun in over a year now. I communicate my family and friend through email and phone. that's much more easy for them especially my family want a little out from high teach.

9. What is your biggest beauty blunder?  My biggest beauty blunder would be make up.. I always get wrong in so many-ways: once you wrong and cause to much embarrass 

10. If you had to change one thing about yourself, what would it be? ~~~My Size~~~  I'll been crazy wearing heels in my life Just wanted to get taller . My Husband is 6'1 foot taller I dreaming to match a little bit with him because people first expression and say. you look like a kid

11. Tell us something about the person who tagged you. She is very friendly and Sweet

Gracie Goes Gaga


Chartreuse Amour

Domestic Diva


       I'm very sorry everyone that I took so long to answer this award and tagged. I was not feeling good and I still got  funny feeling from sick and work so hard in spring....  Thank you so much to the blog who shared this to me and Congrats to both of you...

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