Saturday, August 22, 2015

back to normal life

Here’s we are! Our first week to go back to works, school, and daily life thanks God, is weekend again. It was really tough week for both of us from long flight and straggling also from jetlag. Still won’t go away that fast. It’s feeling like torturing us this stress, too.

My husband feels worst than us. He was sick and 6 days hospital during our vacation in Philippines. Okay! I am not going through details of his privacy, that’s the one main reason. He had hard time to recovering. But, right away he got back from vacation he went seat and he did start working a lot of paper works, medical check up, and two days whole day in meeting that worst than anything’s else.

Daughter and I still made it to buy a school supply. She did do her job at home, like put dishes to the cabinet, she had two math homework in the first week of school. She helped me picked my mother-in-law okra from her garden. My mother-in-law was went to LA for her best friend funeral, is really sad.

I actually receive my tech parking tag I won’t worry getting ticket. My husband was purchase it for me in online. Husband and I went to lunch dinner with the school president. She is really sweet and nice to everyone.  

The birthday flowers and welcome back gift so, were back to normal routine life because vacation is over…


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