Thursday, August 13, 2015

We're Back From Vacation.

         Kumusta Everyone! Excuse me for the lack of posts. To be honest, I have few posts that I left in my blog before I went my travel but it was an automatic. So, I won’t worried and thinking posting when where in the Philippines the connection of internet is really slow I don’t trust to download any things there and I don’t have patient dealing with hassle connection because I choose to spent my time with family and not the slow internet connection. I can even open my instagram and face book in couple days there and it was okay for me. Since, I did post automatic in my blog I am thankful that we can do in advance in blog sites. I’m currently backed in state from vacation in Philippines. I have many stories to shared to all of you guys about from travel but in the few night, I was still fully awake @ 5:50 am! Now, I haven’t good sleep. In the Philippines and State it’s 12 hours different. I know everyone knows about this or you can go search goggle if what time in Philippines and Arkansas State.  It is morning here in Arkansas state 5:52 am and Philippines is night 6:52 Pm. I am in my zombie mood from days now and I am dealing with the worst jetlag ever.  I don’t know if I can make it to work this week but maybe, I call in sick since my jet lag and I got a cold from flight. We also need to go dental appointment for my daughter, so lot’s going on after the vacation.
        two  sample photo's of Polo- balingoan, misamis oriental, philippines. this is wonderful small island near the port of Balingoan you will see Polo-island when you traveling to go camiguin island. i will show more photo's of my birth place later, stay tons. 

         I'll talk to you'' later! xoxoxoxo
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