Sunday, November 30, 2014

Star,book, store

We had done some shopping today. I do felt guilty spending money. I normally scared if over spend a $ 100 for something. We went to Wal-Mart and I bought a grocery food and Christmas gift for family. Fifteen items, I spend $ 109 so, I am in trouble.

My Daughter had new necklace from her grandma. I don’t think that she in jewelry girl because, I put earring on her ear. She takes it out in 2 second but this necklace, must be so special. She wore it several times this month.
At Lowes my mother in law bought a flowers. They had this flowers and look so pretty for this holiday. We picked a red color as additional decoration inside of our house.
The title of this book is “ thank you, lucky star,” she been reading books and actually, one of her Christmas wish list.  I am still thinking what the best book for 8 years old if there’s anyone knows, please message me if you have any recommend for her age. 
Finally, we found it in Walgreen. Star for our Christmas tree I done decorating.  Now, I worried, a gift for underneath of this Christmas tree.
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