Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving day2014

Hi Love,

     Happy thanksgiving to all!  Hope everyone had a good time today.

The couple weeks ago I heard my husband brother and cousin are coming to celebrate thanksgiving with us. But, unbelievable both them are decide not to come. They had some personal issue and we respect what they say. Anyway, my thanksgiving with family was wonderful. Sometimes, when you’re not expecting someone they just pop up into our lives.

Every year normally, my mother-in-law cooked delicious southern food. It their tradition to shared quality time with family especially in holiday. I am so glad that I have two of my stepchildren are supportive with their grandmother. When my mother-in-law to invite them they will not disappoint her except if they need to go work away from town.

I celebrate many time thanksgivings in America but I never try to cooked turkey, hahaha. I normally helped my mother-in-law cooking, chopping veggies, washing dishes, and cleaning. This year, we had a 20 pounds turkey. So, was heavy for me. I got up to early this morning at almost around 7 o’clock a.m.  I went to the kitchen first because, the night before my husband asked a favor if ever who get up early. She/he was going to put a turkey in the oven. The funniest part, my mother-in-law, husband and I think the same plan to get up for turkey. So, were kind of had a meeting in kitchen and both are laugh. But, after we put turkey in the over. They head back to sleep but once I get up I won’t go back to sleep. I was deciding to read some books.

Today, we have my husband student to join us to celebrate thanksgiving. Since he don’t have anywhere to go in this holiday. He is international student from china. Were glad having him he is really nice kid.

I totally forgot taking some photos of us. When were done thanksgiving dinners I went to put the Christmas tree and here-unfinished decoration.

Once again, happy thanksgiving

2 pic originally from google.
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