Sunday, September 15, 2013


         September is fall of excitement ^_^ my two special person are both birthday in this month that’s my Mother and My mother-in-law.

                I didn’t forget that we had invited to the wedding party of my friend but husband and I are choose to stayed home with the family and of course, is my mother-in-law birthday. A week ago she told us to plant some flowers in front of the house. So, we did it that during her birthdays.14 of September 2013 we planting flowers and, I think we make her happy because one of her wishes comes true.

                My Brother-in-law was here from LA. So, He comes to surprise his mother and she surely surprises much from them and none stop phone call from the relatives and friends. 

                Last Friday Night is most happy day in my life because I able to chat my Mother online. On September 16 is going to be her birthday too in Philippines time. I wish I’m there with her to celebrate her birthday but even were not be there. We try to offer her to go a good restaurant that everyone wanted to have lunch or dinner in once in a while. She can go to Jolibee restaurant or whatever she make her happy. Hoping next year she will be here with us so, that My Mother and Mother-in-law is can celebrate together in God Wells. 

We had lunch at cracker barrel's and here's picture of the face ^_^ hahaha

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