Thursday, September 12, 2013

I am Proud

Let say, I'm proud of myself ^_^the other day, I went to the doctor by myself without companionship in the first time. To be honest, I'm scared to meet doctor and dentist. Since, I was a kid.  Usually I asked someone to go with me but these months of September I did it by myself. Like, nobody with me and I’m survived.

Sometimes, We have to control not to scared of anything because everything it’s going to be all right. Be strong that’s how you teach our self.
 Might, other people think that what I done is very simple but for me, it's really big deal in what I done because I learn from those experiences.

Saw-pouring rain and everyone is happy here. Hoping 1 or 2 inch rain it would be great. Were kind nah wishing to get a good rain since plant so dry up? And still hot day in almost 100 degree and sometimes, reach more than 100 degree. Have a good thursday ^_^

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