Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cleaning + spend kitchen cooking

 Beautiful Day ^_^ Operation cleaning. Were trying to organized few things to make the house look even cleaner. I done dusting, wiping window glass, furnishing the table, vacuuming and watering the flowers. It so nice to have help cleaning. I am happy that my daughter is growing up and actually able to clean the bed and organized toys in her bedroom.  

Finally done cleaning. I feel much better to see the house clean. and also, My Family spend a lot in kitchen during weekend to have a homemade cooking 

Its been a month or soo making a smoothies . really amazing to try a different fruits, vegetable flavor.  love the taste of avocado and bananas. 

Everyone love it and so do I

My Mother-in-law homemade spagette. I mention here several time that she good in cook and all food that she make is so delicious. sorry don't have a recipes she's keep it because, family recipes from her great grandparents.  

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