Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hair Bun

Honestly, I do not doing this often to her hair because she don’t let me! Until, she told me to tie her hair into a donut styles. It’s called a donut hair bun.  Even we are now fall season, their s a time still so hot and these hairstyles so helpful too keep all hair in one place.

My daughter has a natural dark brown hair but it change sometimes to light brown. And this picture is showing the color with natural light from sun. She always telling me, if ever she has chosen she wanted a black hair.

During summer, my daughter a little confuse about color of her hair and skin. When is summer her hair turn into a light brown and tan skin. And winter, she have a dark brown hair and light skin. So, I had been trying to explain it to my daughter. not to confuse because she got her beauty in between from parents. 

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