Friday, September 26, 2014


Hi Love!

     My Mother-in-law loves planting different kind of flowers in our front yard and back yard. So, here’s some photos that I taken during there blooming. Right now, some flowers are still blooming like roses but I am sure they wont stay long when is weather change into cold.  Were all going to miss this pretties color but, there gone for a while and then back when is spring and summer. 

Yellow Lantana - In Philippines this kind of flowers are grow wild everywhere. And, there are several kinds of colors, too. But here in the united state you can see this flowers only in spring and summer.

Mom plant different kind of Dahlia there’s yellow, orange, pink and Dahlia double decorative hybrids are looking so beautiful. You can tell because of the  color.

We had a bunch of rose in our yard and they are also,look so lovely. These color my Mother in laws favorite. She does picked hem and Put in the flowers base in all summer long.

In our front yard, we had this crape myrtle tree. Last summer, we planted the red color and the pink is been there since we had moved this new house. But, also we were trying to trim them once. So, hoping they look nice for the next couple years.  You know, they also get big and taller.

I just wish. They stayed all the time but they come back when is time and season. See you all flowers next year. Hahaha. about you guys, which flowers is your favorite? 
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