Sunday, July 20, 2014

June empties!

Hey friends!

     It’s time an empties product haul. I don’t think they are interesting but I just like to share anyhow! This entire product is all n one. Some product I “like” and “don’t like” because some of them isn’t work right J

Caress body wash – one of my favorites during in winter season. But, I found a new one with moisturizing for skin. Since, I had a dry skin combination. I love this smell the only, I notice is make my skin itch. Maybe this product made for oily skin?

3D white crest toothpaste. I do love it! I had been using it since last year.  I don’t have negative to say.

Paper mask- I found it in local Wal-Mart. Product from freemen. This is my first facial mask that I ever tries, yet is okay! But, I would keep searching other mask for summer. 
        Cotton balls. I love to have this all the time in my drawer. One of my beauty stuff is made 100 % pure cotton. Perfect for all your cosmetic needs; the application of cleanser and astringes and the removal of make up and nail polish.

Gold Bond Ultimate healing hand lotion: My hubby finishes this stuff. He loves it because of perfume free.

Serum and creams from Olay samples. My friends who give this sample to me and sound cool to me because it’s free.

Modern muse perfume. My mother in law bought me a package of estee lauder and also has samples. And this is what I finish up so far.

Always, it’s a brand of panty liner that I using at in 2 months. They are very comfortable. Summer Eve is a cleansing wash for simply sensitive. I think I am a big fun of any mouthwash as long has mints.

Lysol Spray (Neutra air) - there’s no doubt that this spray is amazing. I do like the wipes disinfectant from home sense product.

Glades – I love this air spray but they discontinue. I haven’t seen them in a long time.

Scabbing bubble product to cleaning bathroom is amazing.  So far, I do like.

These are my daughter empties product. She loves princess. She empties Shampoo, conditioner a travel kits and multivitamins.

Belt and shoes are broken. They need to throw them away. The shoes are not that bad but, she can’t wear again. Since, she got blister in her toes. My cheap headphone broke at least, I use it 10x, hahaha.

Hand sanitizer from Christmas gift Is smell so bad and I don’t like an Olay toner so I pour them to the sink. Finally I finish the bath and body spray in 4 years. Nair wax are good for armpit and that I using since then, they are work pretty nice. Simple cleanser is okay.

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