Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July.

My nail colors in 4th of July.
I know, they are not the best but at least I have red, blue and white
Delicious Red Cherries
 hubby made the best chicken wings.
My mother-in-law heat up the hawaiian bread and kids love them all. 
squash w/ seasoning.
Sweet Corn.
Sweet sticky rice- (biko in filipino)
yummy beans
spicy sausage. 

We trying to take the easy day off but I indeed up cleaning the entire kitchen drawer and organize each cabinet. And also Mom and hubby grilled chicken breast and wings. I forgot to take picture of all the food but we enjoyed each food we eating.
Three years ago, we had a good experience watching fireworks at park when we were in Louisiana visiting our family. But, this year we haven’t plan to go to the park.
My daughter wanted to look the fireworks outside the house. I trying to take some photo but not look good and I given up. So, we come back to inside and had a popcorn and watching movie. 
At least, we saw some fireworks and sounds everyone enjoyed to celebrate Independence Day in America. 

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