Monday, June 2, 2014

6 years marriage anniversary.

I thank God for another marriage anniversary. Husband and I had a simple celebration for 6-year wedding anniversary. For me, I am so blessed in my life to have a sweet, loving and supportive and wonderful husband. I couldn’t ask for more. 
I had been working 8 hours today. I didn’t take any vacation leave for celebrating anniversary because I wanted to save my vacation hours for some plan in the future and he agreed for that. But, we had lunch together in Umami Japanese restaurant in our town. It was fantastic food, sushi and seaweed salad. 
I was more interested to order a seaweed salad and finally, had one. I missed it for 10 years haven’t luck to get it and is not that common here. I miss Philippines that we can get a fresh seaweed and seafood there. But, at least today I’d satisfy a little to taste in my mouth.
My husband ordered this delicious vegetable, fried rice; beef stick, chicken, and taste so good. He had a salad w/ ginger dressing too.   

My husband is my hero. Good father to the kids, good Son, good Brother and most of all a good husband to me. That’s how lucky I am. Happy wedding Anniversary.

 Honey, if you reading it someday, P.S I LOVE YOU Hantud Sa Hantud. 

Love: Asawa
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