Saturday, May 31, 2014

Balikbayan Box.

I was pretty busy working for this balickbayan box. I was been thinking, listing, planning and asking to them what they want inside the box. So, the box already picked up yesterday. As what I expected arrive on august to Philippines. I hope so just also in time my mother birthday. 

 Simple box with loved. I want them to know, even were far apart from family. I have thought myself to send special. I express by effort that they are so important to me.
This is not my first time to send box to my family in the Philippines.  I am happier to do thing to make them happy. I have been challenge to gather all this stuff for them. I thinking I am little being silly, sending them a cereal, hazelnut spread, gummy bear, candies, clothes, medicine, vitamins and etc. I know they can buy all this stuff in there but sometimes more interesting for me to surprise them. 
Lately, thinking with them. I asked myself. What are they doing? What they been eating? So, hope they love it.

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