Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014!

Hi Dear!

     Today is the very special day to the entire mother. For me, I always feel mother’s day everyday. But, I miss my mother in the Philippines. Were live a thousands mile away. I wish I could travel easily or drive to car for me to see my mother. But, still blessed because I still able to talk to her in the phone. I know, sometimes is not enough and it’s been a four years being away from her. Fours year and that long, we been missed together.

     My daughter, my husband, my mother-in-law are also help me not being homesick. They always around when I need them that’s I thankful. Hope’s every mother’s out there are deserve to celebrate in the mother’s day.

     Happy Mother’s Day! 

My mother-in-law gives a beautiful fresh flowers from her garden, card and check ^-^. 
I always had a picture frame of my baby girl and me beside of my bed.
Sweet Daughter who made a tiny cup for me. It’s pretty isn’t it?
  She makes me happy! The folder with though is touching my heart. She great me this morning and hug and kiss.
My first own a VS lotion. I’m in love with it. Smell very summery and the scent are fresh. I ask to my friend Brenda to buy me some and I’d paid her. We don’t have Victoria secret store in our area unless you buy them online. Since my friend went to other town with had a Victoria secret. So, there’s a chance. 
I went the other day to the shoe carnival store in our town. And, I found these amazing converse shoes. The colors attract me and purple is one of my favorite colors.
Thanks to my hubby who bought my shoes. It surely makes me happy. He let me picked what to get in mother’s day. 
I had been meaning to get new shoes for work and now, I got it finally. It’s comfy in my feet to walk and run. 
I am blessed what I got. I didn't expecting but, I thank you to my family.

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