Friday, March 7, 2014

quit dreaming

Hi Lovelies!
        I cannot believe were in March now. I ask myself where’s the February go? I have not noticing, since I taken classes. This class makes me busy. I spent most of my time writing descriptive, narrative essay and definition essay. But, sad when I decide to drop this class because, I want to get a degree. I was thought is going to start in Basic English, but this is way harder for me. I don’t need to be a good writer; only I need to know basic paragraph, sentence, grammar, and can speak little bit in English is enough. I guess, I cannot do it all in ones and I am afraid to choose between school and family. I do not want to put my family behind especially to my daughter. She grew so fast. In my own opinion I choose my family first. I think school is always there.  as of now, focusing to my family is necessary. i quit dreaming to the things can't reach. maybe, God have something for me to do.
       Have a good weekend! ^_^
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