Monday, March 31, 2014

From mangham, monroe, rayville, natchotoches Louisiana.

Were back in Arkansas. It was a long drive at six hours total with some stopping in gas station and restroom, but My husband who survive to drive that long By himself. He had coffee to helped him awake. The rest of us just sleep. Inside our car are so Much stuff. The car filled of foods and flowers. My mother in law found a pretty flowers that she wanted to bring some back home and plants. My husband bought a few dozen of meat pie and tamales. Only Louisiana had best meat pie and tamales that's why he stock up. I'm surer, they are not gonna last long. Since, they are so delicious.

I finally.  Taste crawfish. When we visit family in natchotoches Louisiana. I request crawfish for lunch but wasn't season for crawfish and was not  Opens either. but this visit and this time, I'm Lucky my brother in law told us there opened and were going to met him in restaurant. I feel excited and happy. My husband order five pound of crawfish. They are not cheap but husband said, its fine. Very nice to try and surely it was the best experience in my life.

She met her cousin. Blake and Ej are the same birth date,month and year. Twins are one years older to them and Austin is the youngest one. They are both shy in camera.
Icy cherry, hahaha it was hot weather day in Louisiana. So, nice to have to drink a cool cherry and tasty.
Ej first holla outfit. She was dance and dance.
Cheese cake and KitKat chocolate was so delicious. Seriously, i gain weight. I can ate this dessert all the time but, sometimes I need to quit looking at them because, they made me tempted to eat more, like no limit but I have to watch  how much pouds that I gain. 
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