Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Daughter Eight Birthday

          My daughter officially 8 years old! I’m thinking how she grows that fast. I feel just like yesterday. The day, I held her in nursery. But, the baby I was carrying is now so big. Each year, I want to tries new styles on her birthday because as we know, once in a lifetime and given memories is more important.

              At first, I have no idea what was look like the slumber party? If you know, I was searching all this idea from goggle to Pinterest. I search all this through sites to given me a details then it is helps. The plan was very simple; to make her happy is one of my points for all my hard working in this party. It was worthy.

           I was ordered cupcake instead a cake. This cupcake colors caught my attention and daughter favorite color too. There’s a chocolate and vanilla flavor. Some of my daughter friends are allergy of the chocolate.

          I saved money to buy her gift in her birthday. She wanted American Doll, which is so pricey. But, my mother-in-law helped and she bought set of pajamas for my daughter and her American doll. She loving every gift that she receive. She surely surprise, when she was opening them all.

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