Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cleaning Day!

Lots of laundries, bunch of trash scatter everywhere at the floor. I haven’t finish cleaning about 3 weeks in a row already because I was busy practiced dance, work and more activities going on of my daughter and me. So, I have to stop going party or else the house getting look ugly. At this fast couple weeks my daughter getting socialist! I mean she found few friends in our neighborhood that she can play with! They invite my daughter several time to sleep over during weekends. And of course, my husband and I agreed (it’s good for her to get along to anyone) I tried to organize and look neat our bedroom but there’s a times we can’t finish work in one day.

I like looking folding pants or clothes and organize them in one place. I tried to tech my 9 years old daughter how they fold things especially her own stuff in closet but she have her own version. So, I let her do it the way she wanted! She is good helper as long you tell her.

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