Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fourth of July Outfit

Hello Lovelies! I hope you’ll have a great day. My last minutes outfit of 4th of July I can’t find anything but here’s the color red, white and blue.

          Sally Hansen nail polish- in color name carpet. I only put two coats and pretty much like it. Not to light and not to dark.  It simple red that I wanted for this holiday and nothing to special I just wanted to picked color for Fourth of July.
          I asked my daughter to take me a few picture and here’s what she took tonight.  Just me in the picture, very simply person I just wanted to have photos for my blog’s.  So, won’t look empties.
          My relaxing outfit of this 4th of July I been home whole day I love to treat myself with comfy outfit cause this is only days I can do. I am a tired wear jean at work all the time. But, when I’m in the house I only wanted to wear pajamas and long skirt, top with no bra. I want everything so breezy.
          I have white spaghetti strap tank top, long fuchsia skirt, red nail polish and blue flashlight.  You must have a flashlight beside you. You never knew when is power out.  I do freak out when I get up so dark but now, here’s my best buddy (the flashlight).  I don’t wear any make up if I am around the house. As long my face is clean and moisturize, everything is all right when is just bare face (no make up).
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