Saturday, October 31, 2015

Day Of The Dead - Make Up.

                       This year 2015 Halloween! My Daughter make up and costume is last minutes idea. I don’t know well in make up but, I found this Day of the Dead tattoo make up in general dollar for $1 and inside the package there’s two sheets. Isn’t easy to applied I made a mistake few times especially around the eyes but thankfully there’s extra and some part did good stick pretty well into her skin and dried so quick so, that’s a big plus and cheapest things that I ever found in the store. Her dress: from Marva consignment for $2.50, purple spider cape from k-mart for $12.90 I think this is a pricey one but it is adding nice to whole her outfit. The rest of accessories, I don’t remember where I got them but its old stuff that I been had in my closet room then legging, I give her my wedge shoes since she can fitted it well. She got a lot of complement of her make up! At first, they confuse is who behind that make up and they had a hard time to recognize her. The headband with flowers is My DIY.
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