Saturday, May 23, 2015

Shoe Carnival

Crocs swift water sandal-mens- water friendly, muddy lake bottoms to rocky beaches, these sandals can get wet, dry fast and cushion, adjustable Velcro strap with hook and loop closure for a secure fit.  It’s a $ 49.99

Crocs Yukon Sport men - he got a color espresso and $54.99 these sporty sandals featured full-grain leather uppers for durability, materials midsole for lightweight cushioning and adjustable Velcro heels straps for a secure fit

I can’t believe my daughter feet are grown so fast. I found out she wore size 6 of shoes at age 9 years old but I bought size 6 1/2 incase she grow a few inch or a space with socks on it.  I told her. Your going to get a new shoes when the school open again because most of the summer you won’t wear shoes. Unfutornitly she comes home with blister behind of her heel. So, no choose we went ahead to get shoes and sandals for 3 of us. I also got one for me to work and nothing special on it but I just want to get a new one too.
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