Friday, May 29, 2015

CeraVe Sample

Hi Lovelies!

How’s everyone doing there? I hope all is well. I was MIA lately (sad, right?). I actually busy that’s' normally what I doing here but doesn't mean I forgot blogging I do love posting if I could have more time. 

I shared to you’ll about what I got my mail. I receive a sample product from CeraVe. Of course, everyone heard about it. Couple weeks ago after signing of their sites. They sent me a sample product plus $3 coupon if you purchases to their brands I got moisturizer cream and hydration cleanser, which is good for my skin types. What I love about the product are fragrance free, good for those sensitive skin and dry skin. I do need to tries this product especially its free. I learn the lesson before you bought big bottle of product you should get the sample first because we never know if it is work or not.
Have a wonderful weekend.
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